"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get—only with what you are expecting to give—which is everything."

— Katharine Hepburn

ryan + Ashton


I woke up at 6:00 a.m on an early Saturday morning to get ready and out the door to drive to the small town of Pantego, Texas, which is near Arlington, TX for anyone who might not be familiar. 

I headed towards the town to shoot the wedding of Ryan & Ashton at The White Room in Pantego. 

This was not only a wedding for me but, a reunion as well. You see, I shot Ashton’s sister, Hannah's wedding back in 2019! 

Their awesome and sweet aunt, Allegra, reached out to me both times asking for me to shoot their weddings. 

And one thing I remember from Hannah’s wedding was when I heard, “When I get married, we’re calling Hunter to shoot it”. And three years later, here we are. 

That made me feel so special that they remembered me. 

The venue, The White Room, wasn’t a venue like I’m used to shooting at. It was in a shopping center and I almost missed it because I was looking for a stand-alone building.  So, I thought it was unique that it was a wedding venue built into a shopping center - therefore, the parking was GREAT! 

I arrived and went inside and was immediately taken away by the beautiful tables and table settings - it was gorgeous. 

I happened to be the first person to arrive so I went ahead and started taking venue and detail shots as I waited for more people to arrive. 

Sure enough, not too long after, people started trickling in!  One of them being the bride, Ashton! 

We visited for a few minutes and then it was time to start getting ready for the day!!

The girls got ready in the bridal suite while more friends, family, and guests arrived to celebrate the couple. And eventually, the groom, Ryan, showed up with his groomsmen all dressed and ready to go. 

Now, I didn’t meet Ryan until that day and when I did, he was so nervous. 

His stomach was upset and he was nervous and anxious (I was the same way on my wedding day). 

Thankfully, in my groom's box (which I’ll be doing a TikTok series over soon), I had all the necessary medicines to help with the nerves and upset stomach. 

As we got Ashton dressed, I spoke with her mom, Kandice, and her dad, Russ, who are just the nicest people!! 

Russ said something to me that day that made me feel so special, he said, “When I found out you were going to be Ashton’s photographer, I was at ease because I knew the job was going to be done right”.      Thanks so much for that, Russ!!

Ashton told me that she wanted me to do a ‘first look’ between Ryan and his mom, Rebecca, so I said of course!!  

When I found Rebecca, bless her heart, she was already tearing up.  And when I told her what we were about to do…. Well, let’s just say I had to go and get extra tissues for her. 

After a beautiful and emotional first look between a mother and her son - it was time to get Ryan & Ashton married.  

The wedding was beautiful, emotional, and amazing. 

It went pretty quickly and it was time for post-ceremony photos, which also went very quickly!

After we knocked out all the family photos, I took the wedding party over to a shady part of an area across the street for some wedding party photos. 

At this point, it was about 12:30 pm. And if you’re a photographer, you know exactly where the sun is at that time - right above you. 

So I tried to find the best shade possible and we knocked out some formal and crazy photos.  

After popping some bubbly and being crazy (and an accidental kick to a groomsmen’s face from Ryan), it was time for couples portraits - which didn’t last long because it was HOT.  But, it didn't matter because these two knocked it out of the park quickly and they came out beautiful.

The reception began and a delicious brunch buffet was served!  Between the friendly visiting, dancing, delicious food and drinks, and laughter, this reception was shaping up to be one heck of a time. 

We knocked out all the dances, cake cutting, and speeches & toasts’ and the next thing we knew, it was time for the bride & groom to make their exit! 

But, not before one last private dance between the two. 

After a beautiful and emotional last dance on the happiest day of their lives, it was time to head on out. 

In a line of bubbles, the newlyweds busted through, stopped for a kiss, and got into Ryan’s car to leave (which I learned might’ve been his first love). 

As the couple was leaving, Ryan’s car backfired and let out a massive POP!!  Which scared the living crap out of me, haha. 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Taylor!!!

It was a beautiful wedding and an amazing day and I am so thankful I got to be a part of another Ownby wedding!


Bar - The White Room

Cake - Delights by Mia

Catering - The White Room

Decor -  The White Room

Dress - Lulu's

Officiant - Brian Pound

Photo - Hunter Baugh / Baughtography, LLC

Tuxedos - Al's Formal Wear

Venue - The White Room

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter