"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."

- Mignon McLaughlin

clarissa + justin


This day started off a lot different than I anticipated. 

As I was prepping my food to take along for the Brawn wedding, I was dicing up chicken And meal prepping rice and vegetables in a Tupperware.

Well, as I was dicing up my chicken I guess I was going a little too fast and ended up slicing into my left thumb.  

You wanna talk about nausea and lightheadedness all at once, that was what was happening, haha. After I finally got bandaged up and all fixed up together, it was time for me to leave so I left my food behind - aye.  

I had Clarissa and Justin booked originally for October 2021. But of course, as time was approaching, Justin had come down with Covid, so they had to move their wedding. But after a lot more planning and moving things and people around, they decided on May 3rd!

And you may ask yourself, “why did it take so long?”  Well, Clarissa, Justin and their entire family and wedding party all came down from Maine.

So, I thought that was pretty cool.

But as I approached this beautiful Airbnb in Oak Leaf Texas, it was a chilly morning and it was lightly sprinkling.

I got out and walked into this gorgeous home and I could already see the hustle and bustle of the day. 

I met Clarissa and her bridesmaids and we immediately got to work getting photos of the dress, all her details, and the girls getting ready. 

And we had to start getting Clarissa ready fast because we were going to do a first look with Justin and we wanted to beat the rain.

In the process of that, I see a man walk in and talk about, "getting into his dress for the day" and then everyone started laughing.

I wasn't sure what they were talking about but, I went on about my business, haha.

Come to find out, this was their good friend Reggie, who was also the 'flower guy'. And Reggie was pulling all the stops. Meaning, he was going to be THE flower boy of the century and dress head to toe in a dress, fanny pack, and even braid his beard - it was absolutely hysterical. And even more so because he had not one, but TWO dresses. One for a first look with Justin (who Justin thought was going to be Clarissa at first) and one for the ceremony itself.

After Clarissa (and Reggie), got into their dresses, I went down to the area where the ceremony was taking place so I could meet Justin.

And he is just the nicest guy. He was very nervous at first but once we all got to talking and joking around, he started to feel better.

(And yes grooms, it's completely normal to be nervous on your big day, haha).

After we did the hysterical first look (see photos below) and the ACTUAL first look with Clarissa, it was time to get these two hitched.

The venue/Airbnb was absolutely amazing. The house itself was stunning but it was what was in the "backyard", I guess you could call it that, is what set this location apart.

The back of the house was a whole Adventureland.

It came with a massive seesaw, a pavilion with seating, a separate house/bathroom, a putt-putt golf course - and you guys... A HUGE LAZY RIVER!

Yes! You read that right! A lazy river! COMPLETE WITH A WATER SLIDE!! (I'll get back to that in a moment).

The ceremony began and it was beautiful in the outdoor, cool crisp air.

Clarissa and her dad, Willie, walked down a long pathway leading to the ceremony site and she looked gorgeous!

The ceremony was quick. Clarissa & Justin were surrounded by friends and family who all traveled down here to Texas to see them wed.

After the couple said their I Do's, it was time for post-ceremony photos, portraits, and then party time!

We all took a break and ate the delicious food catered by Catered Affairs while listening to Two Danes Production spin the jams.... and then after that - it was party time!

And by party time, I mean, Clarissa & Justin went down the waterslide in a 'trash the dress' celebration! And it was AWESOME!!

They got on tubes and slid all the way down and it was a blast. This was definitely a first for me, haha.

This was such a fun and unique wedding and I am so happy, blessed, and lucky to have been a part of it.

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Brawn!!!!

Cake -  Lori's Caketopia

Catering - Creative Affairs

DJ - Two Danes Production

Hair / Makeup -  Brooke Baily

Officiant - Lumos Planning & Coordination

Photography - Baughtography, LLC

Planner - Shanna from truELLAgance

Venue - Oakleaf Retreat

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter