“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you… I could walk through my garden forever.”

 —Alfred Tennyson

Jose + Alyson

Wow... you guys.

This wedding was LIT if I do say so myself, lol.

I had been talking to the bride, Alyson, for months prior to the wedding but we had never met. Turns out she went to school with one of my brothers-in-law (small world). But, when we did meet, it was like we had known each other for years.

I arrived in Bridgeport, Texas at the home of the Kerr's (aka Kerr Hill) and was immediately greeted by Alyson's awesome father, Lance, who was directing where traffic would go.

Pulling up, I wasn't sure where the wedding was because I had parked in front of the house.

But, as I went inside to introduce myself to the bride and wedding party, I met Sonia, Alyson's mom, who took me and showed me where everything would be.

As we walked onto the back porch of the Kerrs' home, I was immediately taken back by the gorgeous sight behind their home.

Behind their home stood a massive white tent that was surrounded by flowers, tables, and chairs. The stairway in the backyard leading down to the ceremony site was stunning as we walked on all sorts of different types of rugs leading to the altar.

The altar was a beautiful wood arch with a gorgeous chandelier dangling from the middle of it.

And as it turns out, Alyson's parents had built all of this (for her wedding if I'm not mistaken) and the view behind the tent was STUNNING.

After I met the bridal party, I went down to where Jose, the groom, and his groomsmen were. Which was down a dirt road in another gorgeous home on the Kerrs property.

Jose was extremely respectful and helpful as we gathered up all the guys and the ring bearer, Aiden, who was just a freakin' rockstar.

After we visited and went over details, we quickly went outside and did the groom and groomsmen photos. And following that was a fun game I like to play with the guys beforehand where they line up and chase after a beer I placed on the ground (see photo below).

I went back up to get ready with the bride and bridesmaids.

We knocked out an emotional First Look with her bridesmaids and then her father, Lance. Alyson was absolutely STUNNING!

After the pre-ceremony photos with the girls, we got ready for all of them to walk down the aisle.

The ceremony started and everything went absolutely perfectly.... that was until Alyson's parents had a surprise for them that Lance was supposed to bring down to the ceremony.. and forgot. Haha. Luckily, the wedding is on their property. So after a few minutes (and the jeopardy theme in the background), Lance returned.

The couple said their I Do's and it was official!

Post ceremony photos went off with a bang and quite beautifully. And let me just say, these photos were 'smoking', haha. (Little inside joke between Alyson, Jose, and myself).

Then - the party started. And let me say, this WAS most definitely a party.

These people did not hold back at all. NONE - and it was AWESOME!

When the DJ, DJ Apollo, introduced the wedding party & bride and groom, everyone came in yelling, screaming, and getting everyone pumped up and also, while the bride's brother made it rain with wads of $20 bills on the dance floor.

Alyson and Jose had bottles of liquor and were pouring it in guests' mouths as they danced on the dancefloor with the couple and the party and it just kept getting more and more wild from there. You talk about a lit reception, this was it!

The rest of the night was SO much fun. At one point, I was taking photos of guests in the crowd when someone came to get me and said, "Hunter, do you want to get a photo of Lance doing a kegstand?!" and I'm like "UHH SAY LESS".

I go over and there's the bride's father doing a keg stand of Miller Lite. Then, I see the bride's brother doing it, the groom - and then the bride!

This was wild! haha

Towards the end of the night, I remembered I had an extra bottle of champagne in my car so I went and got it and told Jose to pop it on the dance floor during a song that was hyping everyone up - and boy did he (see photo below).

I could honestly write on and on about this wedding but, I would eventually need to publish it as a novel, lol

But thank you SO much to Mr. & Mrs. Acosta for an amazing wedding and time!!

And congratulations on your beautiful life together!!!

Cake - Suzana Hicks 

Catering - Cristy Martinez-Hopkins

Dress - Birdie Bridal 

DJ - Dj Apollo / Marcus Casillas

Hair - Darcy Podzemny

Makeup - Fredi Ramirez

Officiant - Michael Ramirez

Photography - Baughtography, LLC

Tuxedos - Men's Warehouse

Venue - Lance & Sonia Kerr

Videographer - Hello Beautiful Films

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter