“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

– Mignon McLaughlin

Colton + Jordan

On a very warm day in downtown Hillsboro, TX, love was blooming and blossoming throughout the Eagle Historic Warehouse Wedding Venue as members of the wedding party for Colton & Jordan finished up the last-minute decorations for the beautiful wedding that was about to take place.

Dom, the bartender was setting up the bar with ice-cold beer and refreshing beverages for the evening as the delicious cake and cupcakes were being delivered all while the happy couples' son, Matthias, ran circles around me as I was setting up, making me laugh and helping break the ice and kill nerves with the party as guests started to arrive.

Jordan, the bride, was telling me about her and Coltons' relationship as she was getting her hair and makeup done while the sounds of Lizzo and Cardi B lingered throughout the air and out of the speaker, pumping up the bridal party for the day.

And while their story is by far one of the funniest stories I've ever heard, I'll just let them tell you, haha.

It was already an emotional start to the evening as Colton & Jordan decided to do a private first-look with each other (which I obviously had to capture) because I love seeing the grooms reaction to his soon-to-be bride, whether that's before or during the wedding ceremony - it is ALWAYS an emotional and must-have photo!

The ceremony went very well and quickly - which is what they wanted. As soon as they said their 'I Dos', we went outside for photos that we knocked out very quickly as well seeing how it was 96 degrees out and everyone was in tuxedos and dresses. So we definitely knocked out photos in a timely manner.

After a bottle popping champagne photo with the bridal party - it was time for dinner and party time!

While eating dinner, the speeches took place and Colton's father gave a speech that blessed their marriage and their lives together. Then, Jordan's mom spoke. She said she had forgotten to write anything down as she was helping plan the wedding but... I gotta say.. for someone who forgot to write a speech, that was one of the best 'on the fly' speeches I've ever heard. It was loving, meaningful, emotional and more importantly, it was from the heart. It was outstanding!

The night went on perfectly and ended early as the bride and groom wanted to get some rest before their big honeymoon trip to Las Vegas!!!

I hope you guys have so much fun in Vegas and win big!!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Shook!!

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter