“After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh.”

Justin + Casey

Down a very familiar road in Aledo, TX, I drove to the home of The Elders, whom I met back in June when I shot another wedding in Aledo and their house just happens to be not 5 minutes from where that wedding took place.

As my wife and I (who was my helper for the day) approached this beautiful, two-story home that had a rock path that went around to the backyard which contained a gorgeous back patio, beautiful swimming pool, and a breathtaking view of the Rufe Evans Lake.

We entered this gorgeous home and went into a back bedroom where the bride, Casey sat doing her makeup and sipping on not one, not two but three drinks (not all alcohol, lol). She had a Tumblr that contained water, a Tumblr that contained a Monster Energy drink, and a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade - so not only was Casey ready to party and get this wedding going, she was extremely hydrated, haha.

I met (and worked) with Casey about 4-5 years ago when I was a manager for Chuys. I always remembered her because her personality is so out there and bubbly that she really stood out to me.

I met her fiance, Justin, on the day of the wedding. You could tell the excitement in his eyes and his energy as he got ready with his son, Leighton, as he helped his dad put his jacket on and as Justin helped him put his on.

I talked with Justin, getting to know him, and while getting a few shots of him and Leighton and I came to learn that he & Casey met online and it turned out to be a 'Match' made in Heaven.

Casey's wedding attire was very unique. Her bouquet consisted of paper flowers (see photo below) and it had attached a blue charm on it. She also had matching hair clips that she shared with Berkley. And she also gave the kids each a bracelet that contained words from Casey engraved on the inside.

Casey was not only marrying Justin - but she was also taking on his two children as well, Berkley & Leighton.

I would've never guessed she was their 'stepmom' by the relationship these three have - and I absolutely love it.

The ceremony started after two emotional first looks between Casey's father, Kevin, and then Justin.

Casey and her dad walked down the aisle, Kevin (and Jamie, Casey's mother) gave their only child away.

In my opinion, the highlight of the ceremony was when the officiant told Justin to say "I Do" after he repeated some words - and eager to marry the beautiful woman standing in front of him, he said "I Do!" before the officiant even had the chance to say anything beyond that, haha.

The ceremony ended and the food was served... and so were the cheesecakes. Yes, I said cheesecakes!

Casey & Justin don't like regular cakes so they had four cheesecakes as their 'cakes'. These cheesecakes were outstanding.

The newlyweds ended the evening by popping some champagne and confetti down on the boat dock and they laughed and visited with the guests that hung around to celebrate the beautiful couple.

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Shillcutt!!

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter