"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." 



On a cloudy morning, I loaded up and started the drive to Weatherford, TX to shoot the wedding of Sarah & Cody. 

We had done their engagement photos back in January when Sarah was pregnant with their little boy but, she wore such loose-fitting clothing, you couldn’t tell she was pregnant - until she wore this one beautiful dress, it really showed off her tummy and the glow of the mom-to-be. Damion, their other son, was also there to be my little helper and make sure he could make his mom & dad laugh for photos (which he did)!

I pulled up to the Hollow Hills Event Center in Weatherford. The drive was absolutely breathtaking because as I was driving in, I passed a lot of cabins. 

Those are for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the bride & groom, which I thought was really cool!

I pulled up, went inside, and was immediately greeted by one of the owners, David. 

I cannot say enough nice things about this man. He was extremely nice and helpful and just so generous with anything we needed - he is such an amazing person and really knows how to make a vendor feel welcome.  He was this way the entire day/night and so was his wife, Jean. These two are just amazing.

And to top it off, the venue was BEAUTIFUL and extremely unique.

After showing me around the reception hall, the bride & groom suite, and swinging through their “Old Town” inside the cocktail & dinner hall, I headed over to see the bride and bridesmaids!

They were almost all done up and ready for the day to begin! 

Sarah looked absolutely stunning already considering she has JUST given birth 3 weeks ago to baby Clyde — SUPER MOM!!!

I captured the detail shots, dress photos, and getting ready with the girls, and then it was time to head over and see the groom, Cody. 

These guys were so nice and helpful as well, asking if I needed anything or what they could do.

Cody’s best man, Blake, & Sarah’s Maid Of Honor, Marisa, really stuck out to me, as they were the most helpful Best Man & Maid Of Honor. 

I met Cody’s dad, Michael (who was also doing the ceremony) and he was so friendly as well. 

We knocked out the pre-ceremony photos very quickly between Cody and his side and then Sarah and her side — then, it was wedding time!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and as I said before, it was officiated by Cody's dad, which made it even more special.

The couple shared some beautiful words and said their 'I Do's, shared a kiss and it was official!

After we knocked out a fun post-ceremony photo session, it was time for the party to start!

Entering through the beautiful double barn doors, the couple was introduced, for the first time, as Mr. & Mrs. Cody Moore.

They shared their first dance together as husband and wife while wearing matching 'Moore' jean jackets.

After their dance, they did something so adorable with their two boys - they had a dance with them.

Damion, 5, could obviously dance by himself but sweet baby Clyde, who was only 3 weeks old, was being held by his daddy.

The couple danced the evening away, laughing and sharing great memories with friends and family, cutting their wedding cake and then the groom's cake (that had mini bottles of Jack Daniels on it) which they shared together to get the party started. (see photos below)

The evening ended consisting of throwing the bouquet... out the top of the barn!

You read that right. The barn has window-length doors that open up and that is where Sarah tossed the bouquet, but not before some of the girls in the crowd popped some confetti poppers to celebrate the occasion! (see photos below)

I am so happy and excited for this couple and their beautiful growing family!!

Thank you so much for sharing your special day with me, Sarah & Cody!

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Moore!!

View Sarah & Cody's engagement photos HERE

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter