"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale. "


After shooting as many weddings as I have, I have seen quite a few wedding venues. Most of them are fairly the same.

They have a beautiful chapel area, the outside is gorgeous, the bridal & grooms' suites are beautiful and the reception area is stunning.

But, never - and I mean never, did I ever think I would shoot a wedding AT A CASTLE.

But with Tyler & Feliciana, that dream became a reality.

In Rockwall, TX - Nestled through some trees and down a dirt road stood an actual massive, four-story castle! And it is unlike anything or anywhere you have ever seen.

And what better couple than the future Mr & Mrs. McClain to host their wedding there - and did they ever!

I have known Feliciana for a few years now as we used to work together back in the good ol' days of Chuys and ever since, we had kept in touch.

This girl - let me tell you, she is SO much fun. Felice has a personality that matches mine which is wild, wacky, and crazy! This makes for the BEST brides because they are not afraid to let loose, have fun and cherish their special day!!

I had met Tyler the day of the wedding and from the get-go, the guy was awesome. So respectful and kind so, I see why Felice chose him.

Another thing I value and love most about this couple is their love and devotion to God. They truly show their love for not only each other but their passion for Christ, our lord. I absolutely love that part about them.

The wedding went off just as I had planned.... AWESOME. For one, I was shooting in a castle! Two, I had this awesome couple surrounded by many friends, family, and God. and Three, because when Felice walked down the aisle with her dad, what started out as the traditional wedding march quickly transitioned into the 'Imperial March' from Star Wars - which, again, was exactly Feliciana's style and humor.

By the end of the night, the drinks were flowing, the music was bumpin' and the happy couple and all of their friends and family danced the entire night away!

And when I say this was a party - that is an understatement.

The McClains had everyone and I mean, everyone on that dance floor. Even her 87-year-old grandfather. And then of course we had the occasional break dancers, wobble, and cupid shuffle dancers - but, again, we are in a castle - so nothing is off-limits.

Therefore, my attention was taken away by a relative that grabbed and danced with a 'knight in shining armor' (which was just an empty "knight's" suit).

This wedding was a blast and most definitely one for the books.

And I can say that I've actually been into and shot a wedding in a real castle!!

Congratulations Tyler & Feliciana!!!

This is one wedding I will NEVER forget. :)

Venue - The Castle at Rockwall 
Catering - Beyond the Box Catering 
Makeup - Ulta & Sephora and Ericka Fajardo
Dress store - Davids Bridal 
Planner - @willoweddingstx 
DJ - DJ Evon 
Videographer - lavishly lux studio