“Love is friendship on fire.” – Susan Sontag

Alec + Ashtyn


I had my first Paris wedding!! And no, it wasn't Paris, France but, in Paris, Texas and the wedding was a dream!!

It was a pretty warm day. Hot and humid and we all felt it. But, we also felt the excitement and love that was to take place at a countryside venue in Paris.

I've known the groom, Alec for a while now as we used to work together. I remember when he was thinking about proposing to the now bride, Ashtyn, and how excited he was. I also remember saying, "I wanna shoot your wedding!!!" and I am so glad they chose me.

Alec & Ashtyn were engaged for a little over two years I believe and we did their engagement photos in October 2020. We were talking about "how far away the wedding was" but in reality, it crept up on us!

The wedding took place on a beautiful, countryside property with a stone-covered patio surrounded by many, many trees and green ivy vines overlooking a beautiful pond with a fountain in the background.

Let me just say, I have shot many weddings and have seen many first looks as well as groom reactions as their bride comes down the aisle and.... you guys... this one takes the cake so far. I have never had a more raw and emotional first look between a bride and her father than I did with Ashtyn and her father, Ron.

And Alec?? Oh man... that guy was shedding tears before even the bridal party came down the aisle so, imagine how he was when he saw his gorgeous bride coming. It was a moment I'll never forget because you could not only see the love he has for Ashtyn, but everyone there felt it and had goosebumps.

The festivities continued with friends and family dancing on the dance floor, guests enjoying the delicious barbeque that was being served, and even having Alec's grandparents requesting "Johnny Be Good" & "The Twist" so his grandpa could, and I quote "Boogie down on the dance floor".

The night ended with the happy couple running through a crowd of friends and family holding up sparklers to light up what is sure to be a bright and happy marriage!

Have a magical and wonderful time at Disney, you two!!!


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Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter