Everything I could've 'hoped' for and more

This is my first blog post and I am very excited to start doing these as I had some inspiration from a fellow photographer to finally start A blog. Even if nobody reads them, I can always use this as a reference to how the wedding day went for myself, the couple, and everyone else.

Taking place in Longview, Texas at a venue tucked away in a gorgeous, green forest - Dove Hollow Estate was the perfect place for Seth & Megan to say their 'I dos' and spend the day sharing that love for each other with friends and family alike.

A cool, crisp 60-degree temperature took over the property which made for perfect weather for a wedding.

Approaching this hidden gem was the vintage barn and reception area which from the outside is surrounded by beautiful stones, rocks, and greenery draping around to the backside that led to an almost "forest" - almost a scene from the movie Twilight.

I shot Seth & Megans' engagement photos earlier this year and the couple was a hit from the get-go. I don't know if it was Megans' beautiful smile and laugh or the fact that Seth made me believe that he had a prosthetic leg and that he couldn't "lean on it" to dip his soon-to-be bride, haha. Whatever the case, the couple was guaranteed to make their big day a fun one. And just to clarify, Seth was pulling MY leg about him having a prosthetic leg.

After we had a petal-filled, fanny-packed flower man do an amusing dance down the aisle before Megan made her big debut, The Hopes said their I Do's in a chapel overlooking a beautiful green garden area surrounded by the ones they love most.

The night was danced away by many friends, family - and kids who were eager to learn some moves from the Brides' brother-in-law who made it extra special for them.

As the night ended, the Hopes' had one last dance on their wedding day alone surrounded by empty cups and plates while guests' lined up outside waiting for their departure only for them to burst through the doors, smiling and cheesing running through a line of beautiful sparklers only to conclude what is the start of a beautiful marriage.

Congratulations Seth & Megan!!!

You guys had me #HookedOnHope :)

Videographer - Latisha Bartley / THESE ARE THE MOMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter