“Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.”



I had been looking forward to this wedding for months because Curt & Toi are absolutely the funniest couple together.

When we shot their engagements back in August, it was so hot and so humid that by the end of it, not only was I soaked (which doesn't matter because I'm not in the photos), but Curt was too, haha.

But on the day of their wedding, that was a completely different story - it felt AMAZING! Of course, it's December but it's also Texas so, you never quite know what weather you're going to get. But this day, it was cool and perfect.

When I say I have never seen a more detailed and precise wedding than this one, I mean it.

Every angle and corner was decorated or had some type of design/theme/decor - it was beautiful! And it was a Christmasy wedding, and I LOVE Christmas!!

The colors of green and red just filled the room mixed with tons of flowers, sweets, and other little beautiful knick-knacks.

Getting ready with all of the girls was such a blast because like I said, I've been looking forward to this wedding for a while because, I have known Toi and the majority of the bridesmaids most, if not all, of my life. And being back home and around friends and people I grew up with was just such a blast. Therefore, it made getting ready with the brides and bridesmaids that much more fun and enjoyable.

Curt and his groomsmen were downstairs getting ready in the groom's suite and believe me when I tell you, these guys don't sugarcoat or hold anything back and it takes certain people/photographers to be able to handle the jokesters and clowns --- and I am one of them, haha. I love a wedding party that can clown around and have fun and not be 110% serious the whole time. Why you may ask? Because this is a wedding!! It's a fun, magical, and memorable day - have fun with it!

After an awesome (and emotional) first look with the bridesmaids and Toi's Dad and Step-dad, we did a first touch and reading with Curt & Toi. That part was very emotional but, it was also a little funny. Funny because Toi can't read Curt's handwriting, haha. So by the end of it, she gave him the letter back and he just read it to her instead.

After that, we got everyone lined up and ready to go out for the ceremony.

I knew this was going to be a big wedding and I wasn't wrong. Almost every chair, if not all, was full.

The ceremony lasted about 10-15 minutes, not super long. And as the couple said their I Do's and walked down the aisle, they stopped in the middle of the aisle for a kiss while a blast of confetti filled the air and surrounded the couple (see photo below).

The day of the Groves wedding, I had purchased a green vintage 1950's victorian loveseat and decided to use Toi as my first bride to ever pose on it - and it WAS A HIT!!!!! She looked absolutely stunning on it and she and Curt made it even more beautiful with their love for each other while they posed for photos and video.

The reception was.... wild, haha. Everyone had such a good time and it really reflected in the photos. Their first dance was one I'd never done or seen before.

Instead of it just being by themselves, they had all their friends, family and loved ones surround them and go around in multiple circles and would all go into the center to them every 20-30 seconds or so and everyone would yell "WHOOOOO!!" - it was so much fun.

The rest of the night consisted of delicious food, cake, music, dancing, drinks, and by the end of it - beautiful bright sparklers (which is every photographer's dream) which 'lit' their way into their journey to marriage!

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Groves!!!!!

I truly am blessed and grateful to have been a part of your special day and cannot wait for the many more occasions to come!


Bar - Too Wet to Plow

Cake - Shawna Lewis 

Catering - Happy Wife Happy Life Venue

Dress - Elizabeth Scott Bridal

DJ - Laura Myers U-NO Music Productions

Florist - Buds For You

Hair - Candy Burns 

Invitations -  Truly Engaging

Jewelry - Olive + Piper

Makeup - Sierra Scott Robertson

Officiant - Mark Wilcox

Party Favors - Sycamore Studios

Photography - @baughtography

Tuxedos - Generation Tux

Venue - Happy Wife Happy Life

Videographer - Epic Productions (Tim Huynh & David Connor)

See Curt & Toi's engagement photos here

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter