"If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus one day, so I never have to live without you."

— Ernest H. Shepard

Lizzie + ZACK

I have been talking with Zack and Lizzie about their engagements and wedding for a few months now and we finally made it official when we shot their engagement photos at the beautiful Stem & Light photography studio in Waxahachie, TX.

A storm happened to be rolling in that evening so when I pulled up, the storm clouds had already begun to form - which made for an AWESOME background.

I had already known the groom, Zack because he and I worked together at Topgolf for about 3 years and he has always been such a nice guy and a joy to be around. I met his fiance, Elizabeth (or Lizzie), on the day of our engagements and we hit it off from the start!

This location contained a beautiful indoor shooting 'house' with furniture, decor, and amazing natural, open window lighting!

But, the outside, oh my gosh.

S&L has a gorgeous greenhouse that is available for photography as well and we fell in love with it. Although it is fall time here in Texas, that doesn't mean the weather feels the same (literally). So, Zack was in a shirt and sweater and that greenhouse had no airflow at all - so we were hot from the get-go. However, the only things you can see that are hot in the photos are Zack & Lizzie.

We shot a few in the greenhouse and as we were shooting, Zack started getting a cramp in the side of his stomach which made for THE BEST photos because, with his reaction mixed with Lizzie's reaction and laughter, the photos were a HIT (see below).

We ventured outside and decided to go into the grassy field behind the location and greenhouse and that was breathtaking in itself - then the sun started poking through the clouds and WOW!!!

These two crazy kids decided to end the session by popping a bottle of champagne together in celebration of their engagement and their wedding (which is taking place next year!)

I am so grateful and thankful to be shooting these two on their wedding day and I cannot wait for that day to be here!!

Congrats Zack & Lizzie!!

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter