"Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful."

- Maggie Reyes

I met Maggie & Joe down on the square in downtown Denton to do their engagement photos.

I met Maggie at her uncle's wedding back in July of last year, so it was good to see her again!

Also, Maggie's last name is Lemmons, and it was funny because when we were shooting the engagements, she had mentioned that the dress she was wearing at her uncle's wedding, whose last name is also Lemmons, was a dress covered in Lemons, haha.

As we started walking and talking, they mentioned they wanted more of an urban shoot rather than a landscape. Which, in downtown Denton, the only trees really are the ones around the courthouse.

We started making our way down towards Eastside bar, which is where they said they wanted to do a lot of their photos.

The reason being, that's where they met! Which I thought was so cool!

They had met from 'overhearing a conversation' the other one was having about Chicago, I believe. And if I remember correctly, I think that is where Maggie is originally from (I could be wrong - my ADD may have got the best of me here)

And it's been bliss ever since then.

We did some photos around the square but did the majority inside of Eastside, which is a bar but also, has a very large, beautiful outdoor patio, surrounded by food trucks, darts, foosball, and cornhole.

By the end of it, we were just laughing and having such a good time!!

I am so excited for their October wedding!!

Congrats, Maggie & Joe! I am looking forward to the big day!

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter