You guys... this session was just... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I say that because not only is Breckenridge High School senior Yuli Ornelas absolutely gorgeous but, this session was one of a kind.

Let me start by saying that Yuli is from and graduating from my hometown and school of Breckenridge, TX, and from Breckenridge High School - not to be confused with Breckenridge, Colorado (very different weather, haha).

If you've never been to (or even heard of) Breckenridge, TX, it's a very small town. I think the population is about 5500 people. So, when Yuli wanted to do her senior photos, she wanted a city view and scenery.

So where else in the area to do them than Downtown Dallas, Texas!

Yuli, her mom, and boyfriend drove from Breckenridge to Dallas which is about 130+ miles and/or a little over a 2-hour drive.

We met at a parking garage and walked the streets of Dallas. Everything was great as the weather was beautiful but, it was pretty windy that day. So windy that when Yuli and I were shooting, her boyfriend, Enrique, and mom, Toya, were watching us and Enrique was being funny and was wearing Yuli's Charlie 1 Horse hat (I think that's what they're called?) and the wind picked up FAST and completely swiped it off his head and into oncoming traffic.

I guess Enrique forgot that he was in the city and not a small town because he darted out into the street - AS TRAFFIC WAS COMING! WHEW! Not only did I think we were gonna have a flat hat but a flat boyfriend, too. But luckily, everything was recovered safe and sound... oh, and Enrique was okay, too.. haha.

Then we walked over to an area that was surrounded by bars and restaurants and these group of ladies saw us shooting and they got up from their seats and started hooping and hollering at Yuli and hyping her up and told her to "Work it!" as she was posing, laughing and seriously glowing from the attention and hype she was getting from those ladies! It was awesome! I've never had a group that hyped up a client of mine like that (especially from people we didn't even know!). It was seriously the coolest thing!! (I posted videos that Yuli's mom sent me below!)

This session ended up being everything I wanted and more and I am so happy for Yuli and proud of her!

Congrats, Yuli!!

Go Bucks!!

P.S. If anyone is wondering, yes, we picked up all of the confetti immediately after Yuli popped them, haha.

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter