“You don't love someone for their looks or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but, because they sing a song only you can hear”

– Oscar Wilde

Nathan + Abigale

You guys.... oh lordy... where do I begin with these two?

I'll start off by saying I met Abigale through a Facebook group/post where she posted about needing photos done for her and her husband on their trip to Texas.

She said she received 60+ messages from photographers in the DFW area inquiring about her post - and she chose me! 😁😁

You see, Nathan & Abigale, live in Indiana. But, they wanted to go on a vacation somewhere they'd never been, so, they came to Texas!

And they wanted to get photos done of the both of them since they haven't had any since their wedding that was back in October 2020.

Now, there is also another big reason they wanted photos done.

Abigale, since January of 2021, has lost 170+ lbs !!!! I mean... WOW! And she looks absolutely stunning!!!

So, let me get to how these two REALLY are, haha.

Without getting TOO specific and detailed - they are a freaking hoot! I laughed so much with them and I honestly felt like I have known them forever.

We joked and laughed the entire session and Abigale did not hold back either, haha.

Nathan, her husband, is seriously the nicest guy and these two are honestly a match made in heaven, and I mean that.

Abigale is head over heels about her husband and Nathan is absolutely, madly in love with her. Even if I wasn't the one to do their photos, I can tell in photos that they are just crazy about each other.

These two reminded me of that saying, "If you don't love me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best". Because no matter how Abigale looks, Nathan loves her regardless and endlessly. That's how love should be and these two are winning at it!!!

When I asked him what he thought of her amazing transformation, he said, "I think she looks amazing and beautiful" and Abigale's face just lit up like a Christmas tree.

Probably the biggest highlight from this session was the tent / portable changing room. Oh gosh.

So, I have a portable changing room that I will bring along to sessions that want it to change on the spot rather than find a restroom or somewhere to change so, I brought it for Abigale to use.

Once she was done, I have to fold it like a taco and then another way to get it folded up again ---- this was just NOT happening. I tried a million times and a million different ways and I finally just said, "Forget it, I'll carry it as is". Well.. that didn't last long because it's so awkwardly long.

So, Nathan being the sport he is, carried it until we went to a sidewalk and just flipped it in what we thought would work and we stuffed it in the bag extremely tight, haha. It's a miracle it didn't pop open and hit our faces!!

Back in Indiana, these two are farmers. Now, me being born and raised in Texas, most people expect me to know what to do on a farm and stuff about that life --- I know NOTHING, haha.

So, we have this little joke that one day, we will switch spots and they will come here and do photography and I will go to Indiana and "milk the cows and round up all the chickens" -- I have no clue what I'm talking about.

The plan for this year for these two is to start trying for a baby!!!!!! And hopefully, fingers crossed, I'll get to go up to Indiana and shoot their maternity photos!!

Thank you so much for choosing me, Nathan & Abigale. It was truly an honor to meet you guys, show you a little of Fort Worth while making memories with yall, and laugh at the most ridiculous and absurd things, too.

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter