In an array and mixture of amazing greenery, flowers, and sunshine - these two picked the perfect spot for their engagement photos which could only be used with one word to describe not only them but, also their personality and love for each other.


I traveled to Fort Worth, Texas this past Sunday morning to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to meet and shoot with such a sweet and amazing couple, Justin & Taylor.

This was the first time we had all three met face-to-face and by the end of the shoot, I felt like we were friends that had known each other for years.

We got to talking about how they met each other, what they do for a living, where they live, etc..

We also started talking about where they're getting married, which is at a venue in my hometown (which is fairly small - about 5500 people).

It turns out that Justin's boss is actually the venue owner's son, small world, right?

I've known these people all of my life and even the venue owner's sister was my 1st-grade teacher and is one of my mom's customers at her beauty salon!

These two were fun from the get-go. We were laughing, joking around, and even dancing during the shoot.

And with it being Texas, and even at 8:00 a.m., it was still mid to high 90's and SO humid! By the end of the shoot, all three of us were drenched and ready for some A/C, haha.

The funniest part was the end of the shoot when they wanted to go look inside of the greenhouse, with the possibility of doing some photos in there. But, when we walked in, it was extremely muggy and humid (even more so than outside) and Taylor's words were, and I quote, "Yeah, no. I think I'm done"


I can't wait until their wedding in October and for two reasons!

  1. Because they're awesome.
  2. The weather will be slightly cooler by then.

Congrats Justin & Taylor!

Thanks for an awesome shoot!

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter