“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”

– Andre Marois

Briana + Davis

This last week, I drove to Richardson, Texas to shoot the engagement photos of Davis & Briana as they prepare to tie the knot in June of this year!

I was referred to the couple from a former classmate and a friend of mine at UNT and also from the bride & groom of a wedding I shot last year.

And may I say, these two are extremely adorable together.

Upon arriving, these two were so respectful and courteous, even throughout the entire session. Every time I would shoot a photo or move locations, Davis, the groom, would always say, "Thank you so much, Hunter." - I mean, seriously the nicest guy.

And Briana, her, and I clicked immediately because we have the same type of humor, haha. Briana is a school teacher (prayers sent, lol) and she also has an outstanding sense of humor and can crack a joke. I have two kids at home so, I tip my hat at anyone who has a whole classroom of them.

Davis & Briana met on bumble and it was an instant match made in heaven! OR, Match made in the hive (sorry, corny pun)

They have been together for 9 months and have fallen drastically in love and I can totally see it. They could not stop smiling at each other, giggling and loving on each other while we shot, which made for the best photos.

And although they may be rivals in sports (Packers vs. Cowboys), I don't think that will ever break these two apart.

I am so excited about the wedding!!!

Congrats Davis & Briana!!!

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter