"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams".

- Dr Seuss

sarah + cody

This amazing couple drove up here from Weatherford, Texas so I could capture the engagement photos of Cody & Sarah.

I met them at the campus of Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas to shoot their engagement photos at the Little Chapel In The Woods... alongside their little boy, Damion, who was an absolute hoot.

Cody & Sarah are getting married in April and I could not be more excited for their big day. These two are just the nicest couple and they have such a love for each other that can't be denied.

Cody travels a lot for work so he can be gone for weeks at a time, so, when they do get time together, they sure cherish it and take advantage of it.

Also, not only are we celebrating their engagement but, Cody & Sarah are expecting!

Yes! Sarah is currently pregnant with another little boy that, I believe, will be born 3 weeks prior to the wedding and she was literally glowing during the shoot! So, Sarah, get ready to party it up at the reception! Haha.

Damion was such a funny kid. Sometimes shooting adults with kids on the side and not in every photo can be difficult and challenging.

However, it's all about how you handle the situation.

With that being said, I had Damion involved in the shoot (when he wasn't in photos) and I had him make his mom and dad laugh by doing silly faces, dances, and just being goofy - it definitely brought many smiles to their faces. He was even wanting to do more photos! Not many kids do. In fact, before we were almost done, he wanted to "take a picture in front of that tree" and "take a picture in front of that fountain" .... this fountain, which looked like it hadn't been maintained since the Fall, haha. He was so silly.

By the end of the shoot, Cody had so much lipstick on his mouth and cheeks that it looked like he was the one who had put it on (sorry, Cody) haha.

But sometimes you have to make sacrifices for photos!

Congrats to Cody & Sarah!!!

I can't wait for the beautiful Spring wedding!!

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter