"Romance is the icing, but love is the cake."

Amy + Caleb

I traveled over 400+ miles roundtrip in one day to travel to Abilene, TX to shoot the engagements of Caleb & Amy. And boy was it windy! It started off extremely windy and then as the day became later, it got pretty chilly! (Which for me, is MY type of weather)

I had Amy reach out to me a few weeks ago in need of a wedding photographer because they needed to get their engagements done so they could get their save the dates out - and boy did we kill it!

I met them and their daughter on the shoot as we walked the streets of Abilene. Now, I know Abilene pretty well seeing how I was born there a short 31 years ago and it is an hour away from my hometown of Breckenridge!

So, when they said they wanted to do their photos in downtown Abilene, I was ecstatic!

I had spoken with Amy's mom, Misty, on the phone a week prior for well over an hour to discuss the process and what all goes into it and what comes out of it and she is just THE sweetest person, which made me excited to meet the couple!

Amy & Caleb are a match made in heaven. They were troopers for just about anything we did and they had fun while doing it!

And I say that because when we started walking, we turned the corner only to see tons of cars and little kids running around in costumes holding Halloween baskets.

But of course, we would be shooting in the area (and same street) where a Trunk-or-Treat was taking place, haha!!

We went down an alley to shoot some photos and pop some champagne! Amy was so excited! She said, "I've only seen this done in the movies and to pop it and see it like it's done in movies was really fun!".

Now, when shooting engagement photos, you normally see couples being extremely lovey-dovey and all over each other, right?

Well, when I started shooting Caleb & Amy, they had something else in mind.

The couple decided they wanted more serious, dramatic, and moody photos - which I was SO game for! Variety and spicing it up makes a session exciting!

I felt as if I was shooting a very intense and in-love couple for the cover of a magazine - and truth be told, they would make an amazing front cover couple!

Towards the end of the session, after a small wardrobe malfunction with Amy (haha, sorry Amy!) we made our way into a parking lot where Caleb & Amy had an idea.

They had brought classic 80's windbreaker jackets for fun to wear and to do a small silly shoot with at the end - and it was 'Totally Tubular', haha (see photos below). These two had zero problems letting loose!

I am SO ready for their wedding next year!!

Congrats Caleb & Amy!!

Thanks for reading!

---- Hunter