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Hey everyone! This is my first blog post after many months of wanting a blog. Besides working at my other job full time, going to school full time, juggling a family AND doing photography - to say I've been busy is an understatement, lol. However, my hard work is paying off. I was featured on June 26th in VoyageDallas magazine. It was both exciting and flattering. To me, it just shows how I built my photography, like most people, from the ground up. I teach myself a lot of things but I also still ask questions to fellow photographer friends. Be sure to check out the story at the bottom of this blog - just click on the article and a new window will open up showing the story.

As of right now, I'm not 100% if I will be doing fall mini's this year. It's still up in the air. We will just have to see how school, work and my photography is going around those months (August / September). But, I have been thinking of my Christmas mini's ever since I wrapped up (ha, thats punny) my 2018 mini's. I have done non-stop research and non-stop work on my Christmas mini's for the 2019 year.

Along with the Christmas minis, I have excelled in indoor lighting, too. This time last year, I think I would've been nervous to do anything indoors, since I relied on outdoor lighting so much - but, like I said in my VoyageDallas interview,

"Anything worth wanting is worth fighting and working for. I have spent hours upon hours watching YouTube videos, tutorials, shadowing other photographers and taking a class here and there. It’s all about the work you put forth.
For example, a bodybuilder doesn’t get as big and ripped as they do by sitting on their butt and watching T.V., they have to constantly be dieting, at the gym and working for it. It’s not going to land in their laps – just like the improvement of my work won’t happen if I don’t constantly try and keep trying".

I have purchased a lot of equipment for indoor photos (because Texas weather is so unpredictable) and I have really done pretty good with it. And I say that with full confidence - whereas, a year ago I wouldn't have. I did Valentine Cutie's back in February and they came out pretty good. They were done on a stage where shows and concerts are being held and I think it's so cool that, even if it was done in an alleyway with dumpsters and trash around - you wouldn't even be able to tell.

Some of the purchases I have gotten are stands, a lighting set, an umbrella, an umbrella cover, an Alienbee light, and even some backdrops. I LOVE doing indoor shoots now because not only am I confident in them, but, you can do so many different things with different backdrops. You want Christmas? Here is a winter wonderland backdrop. What about Halloween? Let's put up a backdrop standing in front of the Michael Myers (Halloween house). The possibilities are endless. Thank you for reading my first blog - be on the lookout for other blogs and information. And to see if you're reading them, I will be posting Easter eggs in some (including giveaways, discounts, free shoots and more!) Don't forget to check out my VoyageDallas interview below! Stay tuned! :)


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